Roman Štětina: Shave and a haircut – two bits
Czech artist Roman Štětina responds to Cardiff Contemporary‘s festival theme of ‘Communication’ with a screen-based installation that considers the one-way correspondence of radio transmission. Light box images and films reflect back the space with the intention of echoing the impossibility of truly responding through this medium and evoking a sense of loss. “It’s about trying to reach someone, and not getting any answer, or at least not the answer you expected.” says Štětina.
20 October – 19 November 2016, end of corridor between 7 and 8 High Street, Cardiff

Brighouse Festival: Unbalanced Sculpture Trail
Members of the public attending Brighouse festival might come across precarious assemblages of seemingly discarded household objects by chance as they make their way around the Yorkshire town – if not, artist Byron Reece Jones also invites the audience to seek out his unbalanced sculptures by using this QR code on their phones.
22 – 30 October 2016, Brighouse Festival, Brighouse, Yorkshire

The gallery of the Society of Designer Craftsmen hosts an exhibition of ceramics, graphics, glass, textiles and jewellery by five of its members. These range from Winchester-based Tori McLean’s printed fabrics to Birmingham-based Adam Hussain’s contemporary glass works.
17 – 29 October 2016, The Gallery, 24 Rivington Street, London EC2A

Eleanor Crow: Passing Trade
Illustrator Eleanor Crow has been documenting East London’s local (and often disappearing) trades with her intricate and colourful watercolours of neighbourhood shopfronts. Lennies Snack Bar, Farringdon Tool Shop and The Cookery butchers are just a few of the 100 depictions that form a narrative of the changing character of this part of the city.
Until 30 October 2016, Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, 47 Orford Road, London E17

I am looking
Eight Southampton-based artists are in residence at the intriguingly-named God’s House Tower as it undergoes a transformation into an arts venue. This exhibition is a chance to see and find out about the artists’ works in progress as they respond to the context and history of the 700 year old building. On 29 October there will be a procession of 700 women through the tower as a reflection on ‘the gendered history of the building’, which has previously been used as a gatehouse, prison and military fortification.
22 – 30 October 2016, God’s House Tower, Winkle Street, Southampton

All of the above are taken from a-n’s Events listings section, featuring events posted by a-n’s members

1. Roman Štětina, Shave and a haircut – two bits
2. Byron Reece Jones, Unbalanced Series, QR Code for Map
3. Adam Hussain, Interference, glass
4. Eleanor Crow, Farringdon Locksmith and Tool supplies in Exmouth Market
5. I am looking

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