Why this sculpture could be ‘insulting to Wales’ A proposed sculpture of a steel ring that is to be installed at Flint Castle in Flintshire – the first of the Iron Ring of castles built during King Edward I’s campaign to conquer Wales in the 1200s – has been described by Plaid Cymru’s North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd, as ‘inappropriate and insulting’. Part of a £630,000 investment project, the sculpture is designed to represent the relationship between the medieval monarchies of Europe and the castles they built. But it also symbolises the oppression of Welsh people.

Robert Loder (1934–2017) The co-founder of the Triangle Network and founder of Gasworks has died. Created with Anthony Caro in 1982 the Triangle Network started with an artists’ workshop in up-state New York and soon expanded its activities to South Africa, where Loder had founded the African Arts Trust in 1959. The collector and philanthropist also founded Gasworks, London, in 1994.

Banksy tops poll of nation’s favourite artwork Balloon Girl — a mural of a girl letting go of a heart-shaped balloon that the artist painted onto the wall of a printing shop in Shoreditch in 2002 – has been voted the nation’s favourite artwork. The image, a version of which was sold at auction for £73,250 in 2012, was chosen above the likes of Constable’s Hay Wain and Jack Vettriano’s Singing Butler. 2,000 people chose the image from a shortlist of 20 works.

‘We found it rolled up in a tube’: Alice Cooper discovers Warhol classic after 40 years The work, a red Little Electric Chair silkscreen from Warhol’s ‘Death and Disaster series’, was never stretched on a frame. It sat in storage alongside touring artefacts, including an electric chair that Cooper used in the early 70s as part of his ghoulish stage show.

Protesters call on ICA Boston to cancel Dana Schutz show The exhibition of recent work by the artist, which opened on Wednesday at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, has been met with controversy. Protesters released an open letter expressing disappointment that the museum honours an artist they believe should instead be held accountable for ‘Open Casket’ (2016), her portrait of Emmett Till.

Photographer finds creative way to cheer up flooded city Beckenham, a suburb of Christchurch in New Zealand, is home to photographer Sarah Webber. The area has recently witnessed wild weather causing floods and Webber has taken the opportunity to photograph street scenes and Photoshop in animals, including the mythical Loch Ness Monster, to cheer people up.

Salvador Dalí’s moustache still intact, embalmer reveals after exhumation Narcís Bardalet, the embalmer who tended Dalí’s body after his death in 1989 and helped with the exhumation last Thursday, said he had been delighted to see the surrealist’s best-known feature once again. The artist’s remains were disinterred to help settle a long-running paternity claim from a 61-year-old fortune-teller who states she is his only child.

Lygia Pape’s Daughter Sues LG Electronics for Copyright Infringement Claiming that the South Korean company LG Electronics is using an image similar to her late mother’s 2003 installation ‘Ttéia’ as a wallpaper option available on their K20 V mobile phone, the daughter of the seminal twentieth-century artist Lygia Pape is now filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against the company.

1. Banksy, Girl with heart balloon, 2002. Photo: commons.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BANKSY_LONDON.jpg
2. Iron Ring sculpture, Flint Castle, architect’s concept drawing. Courtesy: Cadw Marketing

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