Artists, galleries and art collectives are invited to exhibit across Liverpool from 15 September to 25 November, as part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial.

Running at the same time as the Liverpool Biennial but organised independently, the Independents is a non-curated event and open to all.

While the emphasis is on new and emerging talent, Independents has in the past exhibited a diverse mix of local, national and international artists.

Edward Bruce, Independents board member and co-director of the Bridewell Studios and Gallery, said: “As the fringe event of the biggest visual arts festival in the UK, the Independents is a chance for studios, artists groups and venues to play a part and get involved, as well as individual artists.”

This year, artists will be able to upload information directly to the Independents website and create online galleries to promote their work.

“We hope this will act as an added incentive to register and become part of a really exciting, collective festival,” said Theresia Cadwallader, Independents board member and member of the Oxton Artists.

The deadline for registration is 27 July 2012. The cost is £25 for artists, £100 for organisations and £150 for venues.