Artists Liz West and Jemma Appleby explore the intricate relationship between architecture and light in this exhibition at Daniel Benjamin Gallery. West’s luminous installation ‘Our Spectral Vision’ replicates the process of diverting white light through large-scale prisms made of dichroic glass. Visitors are encouraged to submerge themselves in the rich, saturated light that fills one room of the gallery with colour. Meanwhile Appleby’s rigorously composed charcoal drawings depict elements of architectural space, in which shafts, planes and pools of light form the focal points.
Until 15 February 2020, Daniel Benjamin Gallery, 120 Kensington Park Road, London, W11 2PW.

This exhibition by artists James Aldridge and Jonathan Mansfield at Pound Arts Centre explores the interrelationship of the human body and the ‘more than human’ world. Together the artists examine the ways in which visual arts practice can ‘enable experiences of connection and belonging’. Join Aldridge and Mansfield on Wednesday 22 January at 6pm for an artists’ talk, followed by a screening of An Ecology of Mind, a filmic portrait by Nora Bateson of her father Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist, biologist and psychotherapist.
Until 8 February 2020, The Pound Arts Centre, Pound Pill, Corsham, SN13 9HX.

Cartographic Imaginaries
This exhibition presents a collection of commissioned artworks that respond to twelve English language novels set in Wales, part of the wider Literary Atlas of Wales project. Literary Atlas investigates how books and maps contribute to our understanding of the ‘spatial nature of the human condition’ and of Wales as a real and imagined country, with multiple voices, histories and communities. The work of the commissioned artists plays with traditional notions of cartographic mapping to explore the relationships between page and place, books and maps.
Until 17 February 2020, Y Senedd, National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, CF99 1NA.

Nomadic Tales
This solo exhibition by artist Richard Bartle at Sheffield’s Millennium Gallery features work, including new large-scale paintings, made on residency in Istanbul. Bartle is influenced by the works of 14th Century miniature painter and storyteller Mehmed Siyah-Kalem, whose drawings depict demons, nomadic lifestyles and ancient cultures of Iran, Turkey, China and Mongolia. In ‘Nomadic Tales’ Bartle explores the ‘power of myth to span cultural boundaries’, reframing Siyah-Kalem’s images through the visual symbolism he found in contemporary Istanbul.
18 January – 12 April 2020, Millennium Gallery, Arundel Gate, Sheffield, S1 2PP.

1. Liz West, Our Spectral Vision, Daniel Benjamin Gallery. Photo: Dan Weill Photography
2. James Aldridge, Salisbury Plain Walking Bundle.
3. A Rioter’s Journey 2.
4. Richard Bartle, Demons at Play.