Katya Kvasova’s series of graphite, watercolour and ink drawings are made in response to family photographs of her mother. The artist comments: “She died at 37 when I was 12, and my world collapsed. Maybe it’s a coincidence that I felt the need to ‘process’ these images when I was approaching 37.” The results explore the conventions of portraiture as a means to express an emotional state, with Kvasova’s pictures illustrating a tacit and ubiquitous intuition of the self, soul and identity.
17 – 22 March 2020, no format gallery, Studio NF01, Casting House, Moulding Lane, Deptford, London SE14 6BN

The Alchemist’s Garden
This group exhibition celebrates narrative painting and imagination by four women artists, Antonia Jackson, Abigail Lipski, Angela Smith and Val Wolstenholme Clay. Lipski’s paintings are of mysterious lands where childhood reverie blurs with music, myth and fairy tale, whilst Smith’s series of the backs of women hints at ‘Untold Stories’ and her use of bright colour and flat patterns invoke atmosphere and emotion. Jackson creates a strange poetic world half-remembered, half-imagined, based on photographic stills from family home movies. Finally, Clay creates atmospheric and magical landscapes inspired by her time living in Rome.
16-29 March 2020, Graham Hunter Gallery, 81 Baker Street, London W1U 6RQ

Lynne Forrester: Life Drawings & Abstracts
Working in charcoal and pastels, Lynne Forrester presents her latest life drawings and abstracts. Creating drawings that come from the energy she senses from the model and the medium she’s drawing in. Forrester aims to present ‘more than the outline of the model’, with the audience instead being able to feel the ‘mood and essence of the person too’.
14 – 28 March, The Steadings Gallery, Balmacara Square, Kyle of Lochalsh, IV40 8DJ

Trace: distilled nature
Rye Creative Centre studio members Helen Rawlinson and Sarah Seymour both explore aspects of nature that fascinate them by means of colour. The exhibition’s title has received an extra layer of poignancy after the catastrophic wildfires ravaged the area Seymour’s Australian Bird series was inspired by when she visited in 2019. This recent work strives to encapsulate the essence of these birds by stripping away much of the form and leaving the colour to depict the species. Meanwhile, Rawlinson is inspired by looking at close up images of flowers combined with an obsession of the eroded layers of pattern and colour on walls and floors. In an organic process she builds colour and pattern using collage, print as well as oil with wax on canvas or board.
Until 31 March, Rye Creative Centre (Gallery), New Road, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7LS

1. Katya Kvasova, Bloodlines.
2. Alchemists Garden.
3. Lynne Forrester, Artist: Life Drawings & Abstracts Exhibition.
4. Trace: distilled nature.

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