Artists Gayle Chong Kwan, Binita Walia and Steven Paige have become new members of the AIR Council, an advisory group to a-n that campaigns to improve artists’ representation.

London-based Walia said: “AIR looks to the needs of artists, best practice and advocates on artists’ behalf. I am looking forward to contributing to the research and activating the campaigns.”

Also based in London, Gayle Chong Kwan wants to see more artists involved in campaigning. She said: “I am keen to explore ways to involve members in decision-making processes, reflecting the complexity and diversity of contemporary visual arts practice. I want to support strategic campaigns, such as the timely Paying Artists Campaign, which aims to create long-term change in the economic and social status of artists.”

Plymouth-based Steven Paige is an advocate for new models of representation for artists, and wants to see the worth attributed to artists translated into a process that harnesses their skills and knowledge. He said: “As an artist, I have a vested interest in supporting how we are enabled or recognised for doing good work – either in the production of artworks or the social and economic capital that we bring to an organisation, project or event.

“An artist, like any other professional practitioner, should be able to expect to be fairly recompensed for their endeavours, however that is manifested.”

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