A newly-launched bursary scheme from a-n The Artists Information Company is a response to artists’ need for tailored support at points of transition in their careers. Open to emerging and mid-career artists, Re:view provides awards of £500-£1000 for targeted access to peer critique and advice.

The bursary scheme is part of a-n’s commitment to professional development within a programme that also includes AIRTIME‘s fast-paced information and networking sessions, the www.a-n.co.uk/granted/ seminar programme and online www.a-n.co.uk/toolkits/ and www.a-n.co.uk/practical-guide/.

a-n Director Susan Jones said: “We know from conversations and consultations with artists that it’s a very tough climate for their practice, with funding tight and fierce competition for paid opportunities. For example, over half the artists at AIRTIME events say they’re looking for personalised support and haven’t been able to find it. Of those taking part in the Granted programme for artists with established practices, 56% confirm that peer critique is a vital part of their development.”

Re:view falls within the portfolio of professional development provision open exclusively to artists who hold current membership of a-n+AIR. The scheme will enable artists to fund critical discussion sessions with a peer of their choice – such as a more established artist, curator or agency. Applications are being accepted from today until 16 March, 2013.

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