New Work Network (NWN), which has been actively supporting the development of new performance, live and interdisciplinary arts practice for the last fifteen years, has announced that it is to close at the end of October 2012.

In a message to members, Director Orlagh Woods said: “Since losing RFO funding, we’ve been trying to find alternative ways to sustain NWN. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost the battle. Our bid to ACE’s Grants for the arts hasn’t been successful, and although this wasn’t our only funding avenue, it was a crucial piece to fit others around.”

In January, a-n’s Realising the value report stated that NWN was ‘Cautiously optimistic’ about the future, having efficiently conducted an internal organisational review, recruited new board members, and delivered the highly successful Adhocracy conference.

The report’s author Dany Louise wrote: ‘Smaller, more flexible arts organisations are often enablers, adding value to artist production through the provision of opportunity, support, organisational skills and resources; access to networks, engagement of audiences, and a range of facilitation activities that can go unrecognised and unmeasured.’

New Work Network plans to depart in style in October with a month-long programme for members and supporters, including Acts of Legacy at Tate Britain, Activator East Final Tea Party at The Junction, Cambridge, and John Cage Songbooks at Toynbee Studios, London.

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