Alexander Calder, Tate Modern, London
A pioneer of so-called ‘kinetic sculpture’, Alexander Calder (1898-1976) was renowned for bringing movement to static objects. The latest in Tate’s exhibitions reassessing key figures in modernism, this show brings together major works from museums around the world, as well as showcasing Calder’s collaborative projects in the fields of film, theatre, music and dance.
Until 3 April 2016 (closed 24 to 26 December),

Christine Kozlov, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds
This solo show of conceptual work by American artist Christine Kozlov (1945-2005) takes a look at how sculpture was redefined, with the idea taking precedence over the object. Underscoring Kozlov’s practice is an exploration of the limits of technology and the lifespan of information.
Until 21 February 2016 (closed 24 to 28 December & 1 January),

Rose English, Camden Arts Centre, London
Well known for her humorous and highly analytical performances, Rose English here presents a new sound work. Blurring the lines between theatre and gallery, the operatic piece for ten voices and percussion acts as a precursor for a yet-to-be-realised performance.
Until 6 March 2016 (closed 24 to 28 December & 1 January),

Revelations: Experiments in Photography, National Media Museum, Bradford
This show takes a look at how early scientific photography exerted a powerful influence on the work of modern and contemporary artists. Some of the works take on an almost ethereal quality, with experiments in light resulting in quirky and intriguing images. Featuring historic figures such as William Henry Fox Talbot and Eadweard Muybridge alongside work by modern and contemporary artists including Harold Edgerton and Hiroshi Sugimoto.
Until 3 February 2016 (closed 25 and 26 December),

Noriko Okaku, QUAD, Derby
Heavily inspired by Derbyshire’s history, myths and legend, Japanese artist Noriko Okaku presents a new series of collage and animations. Loaded with symbolism and mythical imagery, the eery works take the form of tarot cards exploring the local area.
Until 24 January 2016 (closed 25 December and 1 January),

The Artist Proposes, Site Gallery, Sheffield
This varied exhibition is part of Site Gallery’s Platform residency programme. Featuring six future artists-in-residence, the gallery space has been converted into an open studio where the creative process becomes the artwork on view. Artists include: Laura Wilson, Beatriz Olabarrieta, plus duos Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson, as well as Anna Chrystal Stephens and Glen Stoker.
Until 16 January 2016 (closed 24 December to 1 January),

White Mountain, Intermedia gallery, CCA, Glasgow
For this installation, Glasgow’s YAKA Collective of seven artists has worked with the physical characteristics of the CCA exhibition space to question real and imagined states. Visitors to the immersive environment will experience recognisable terrains with a warped perspective.
Until 6 January 2016 (closed 25 December to 3 January),

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