Pavel Büchler, Ikon, Birmingham
This exhibition from Pavel Büchler features everything from text and found objects to obsolete technologies and appropriated digital materials. Successfully combining a philosophical scepticism with a witty sense of humour, the show explores the fundamentally strange nature of everyday life.
Until 12 July 2015,

Cornelia Parker: Magna Carta, The British Library, London
In this latest project, Turner Prize nominee Cornelia Parker reconfigures our interaction with the Magna Carta in the digital era. Focusing on the Wikipedia description of the famous charter agreed by King John of England, Parker has worked with over 200 people to replicate the entire article in a 13 metre-long stitch.
Until 24 July 2015,

The Whole Wide World, The International 3, Salford
This group exhibition explores the power of using modest gestures to communicate complex narratives to one another. Fittingly, a number of the works on show here are diminutive in size, but no less grand in impact.
Until 29 May 2015,

David Mach, DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, Durham
Well know for his life-size brick train in Darlington, David Mach here presents a collection of collages, prints and sculptures. Inspired by classic comic books, some of the pieces are made using cuttings from publications such as Commando, Shoot and the Victor.
Until 5 July 2015,

Marj Bond, The Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, Glasgow
This solo exhibition features paintings and engravings influenced by Scottish artist Marj Bond’s travels to India, Morocco, Spain and Cuba. Using photos and sketches as a basis, the resulting works mix colour with her own language of glyphs and marks.
Until 30 May 2015,

Selection chosen by Jack Hutchinson