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Policy consultation: No ifs and buts is no good for the arts

Policy makers often outsource consultation to independent specialists, but do they get the full story or just the tidied up version? Ahead of Creative Scotland’s open meetings series, the arts professional behind Stramash Arts shares first-hand experience of having the ifs, buts and maybes expunged from the conversation that led to the funding body’s creation.

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ArtWorks Changing the Conversation
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ArtWorks Scotland: Initiative breaks new ground

As artists’ bursaries are offered for the ArtWorks conference in April, a-n’s Director shares some of the thinking and research from the ArtWorks Scotland conference, which examined value and ethics in participatory arts.

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Noisy Table
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FACT celebrates a Hacky Birthday

Liverpool’s pioneering media arts centre is staging a special birthday event this weekend to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Wood Street building.

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Patrick Laing
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Craft + Technology Residencies: from ideas to tangible prototypes

In January, three UK makers began Watershed’s Craft + Technology Residencies, bringing together making and design with digital, networked technologies. Taking place in Bristol, Plymouth and Falmouth, we talk to the participants and discover how digital technology is influencing their practice.

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