Twenty-three artists are to receive a-n’s Go and see: Venice Biennale bursary, after over 90 applications were received from across the UK. They will be going to the Venice Biennale during the professional view period of 29-31 May, thanks to the £300 bursary. Kent-based Nicole Mollett summed up the feelings of many of the successful artists: “This is the best news yet of 2013.”

The award, part of a scheme open to artists with current a-n Artist+AIR membership, was so popular that as applications came in following its 19 March launch, a call was put out for assistance to increase the bursary pot.

a-n Director Susan Jones said: “Although money is tight everywhere, we know that many arts organisations are keen to do what they can to help the careers of artists from their patch, so we put out a call to funded arts organisations. We are grateful to Visual Arts South West and Wysing Arts Centre, who rallied to the cause and put additional money to what has proved to be a much-sought after opportunity.”

Other successful artists, who will be contributing reports of their experiences and reviews of exhibitions via, are: Annabel Dover and Helen Stratford (East England); Bill Aitchison, Pippa Koszerek, Jordan McKenzie, Alicja Rogalska and Maya Ramsay (London); Candice Jacobs (East Midlands); Nick Kennedy (North East England); Maurice Carlin, David Henckel and Richard Shields (North West England), Johanna Berger (South East England); Benjamin Owen, Kate Walters, Frances Walsh and Gaynor O’Flynn (South West England); Mark Gubb and Ben Lloyd (Wales); Joanne Masding and Nathaniel Pitt (West Midlands): and Jade Montserrat (Yorkshire).

Additional support and information to aid the artists during their stay in Venice will be provided by artist and previous Venice exhibitor Emilia Telese.

Go and see: Venice Bursaries form part of a-n’s professional development programme open exclusively to artists who hold a current a-n Artist+AIR membership. The programme also includes AIRTIME (fast-paced information and networking sessions), Re:view bursaries, the seminar programme, and online and expert

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