a-n’s new site – www.a-n.co.uk – is now live and we’re encouraging members to try it out, share their experiences and feed back. The dramatically improved site, currently in a test phase, is quicker, easier to use and navigate and designed to help members get even more from a-n.

Speaking about the site, a-n’s Head of Programmes, Gillian Nicol, said: “The aim is to put users at the centre, with new content and conversations rising to the surface, helping members network and engage in a professional social environment.

“This gives members the ability to share and to access each other’s knowledge and experience, with the full resource of a-n around the edges to be drawn upon and referenced when needed.”

Your network

Recognising that members join a-n for a number of reasons, from gaining professional development, accessing insurance, using resources or growing their networks, the site is geared around a central ‘network’ page. And an emphasis on community tools makes www.a-n.co.uk the perfect place to start a conversation and connect with supportive, creative people in a professional online community.

The mobile and tablet-friendly design also features a new, intuitive navigation that makes the site easy to browse, while discovering content is also made easy thanks to the ‘explore’ search, filters and tags.

“Remember, it’s your site and your space to share a blog, post an event, create a collection, or post a job listing,” Nicol added. “And we need members comments and feedback to help us continue to improve the site into the next phase.”

For a quick introduction to www.a-n.co.uk – including video guides to some of the key sections and ideas about how to use the site – check out the User support section.

To get access to the full range of resources and networking tools, you’ll need a membership of a-n. Find out more at www.a-n.co.uk