Monday, December 1, 2008
Friday, January 2, 2009
Greenwich Foot Tunnel Cutty Sark Gardens Greenwich London SE10 9HT

CUPBOARD LOVE 3 invites the audience to explore artwork presented in the hidden cupboards and stairwells of this intriguing and exciting Edwardian Foot Tunnel that runs under the River Thames from Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs.This is the forth show in a series that has been running since 2006 in this atmospheric world of the subterranean. The tunnel is full of mystery and intrigue and it can seem more lonely and desolate than anywhere else in London. It is a cavernous world where you can leave your secrets as you travel from one side of London to the other.You have no consciousness of the external, time becomes eternal and the weather consequential. It is here in the lifts and stairwells that Cupboard Love 3 invites the audience to engage on a direct level with art pieces that will explore how we view visual art. Show 2 will present the work of two acclaimed artists; Christina Mitrentse and Jonas Ranson who consider our relationship with physical and emotional events that besiege this unique space MEET THE ARTIST: SATURDAY 6TH DECEMBER 11.00AM-2.00PM