The Museum of Everything
South East England

By popular demand The Museum of Everything’s third extravaganza has been extended for a few weeks in London’s Primrose Hill area. If you’ve been meaning to go, go! [before it’s too late] And, if you haven’t heard of it, I urge you to look up their website. This third exhibition features collections of strange things & lots of taxidermy – squirrels at school, two-headed lambs, wrestling stoats etc – owned by artist, Sir Peter Blake. It is a revelation, and also a wonderful opportunity to get your sketch book out and have a good draw.

From Punch & Judy to shell boxes, from Victorian collaged screens to Tom Thumb troupes of dwarf actors to stuffed animals and birds and embroidered magazine pin-ups – this eclectic mix makes you gasp, smile, and as an artist, reach for your pencil.