I’m a genderqueer performance artist from the West Midlands making work which mixes endurance, visual arts, low-fi tech, film and installation. It’s visceral and physically exhausting, pushing what my body can take. Most recently I’ve had a solo show, Ashes to Ashes at STRYX and am currently touring RAWHIDE to London, Worcester and Folkstone this winter. I’m Associate Curator for Vivid Projects Live Programme, currently curating a group show for the November DFF. I’m also co-director of FailBetter, running their residency programme and part of 2018 Black Hole Club cohort. Trust is central to my work, often trusting my safety to the audience while asking them to trust in me. I strip away all my supports leaving a tender and violent performance. Our place in the environment, how we occupy space and time, a fascination with the fetishization of Nuclear dread and an obsession with outdated hopes for the future all bleed into my work. Research and experimentation inform my performances starting with a basic idea and playing around with different materials and techniques before committing to the research. I find it essential to have both working together as the physical often alters the direction of the research. Adopting a low-fi visual style binding grunge with glitter and grime to make beautifully dirty work. I’ve performed for Itch Collective, Future Rituals, Fierce, Provisional Act Theatre company, Little Wolf Parade, Word of Warning, HFWAS, Edited Arts, Warwick Bar Fete, Black Hole Club, The WIG and Grasslands. Birmingham