Alice Lunt is a UK based Artist, who graduated from Brighton University with a First in Sculpture in 1993. She takes very particular found objects, that carry within them a history of their previous usage, from a predominantly domestic, but also a medical-care-institutional environment and transforms them: subverting and coercing them to become cruel parodies of themselves; juxtaposing them with text and still or moving image; tampering with them as an exploration of the Self-Other relationship. Throughout the years her work has evolved from making objects, to making installations and performances. She has performed in London, Glasgow, Berlin and Krakow. Alice Lunt’s central concern, that runs like a thread through her work, is ‘the sado-masochistic mysteries of everyday life’, to paraphrase Angela Carter; the way in which we treat one another when we profess to care; the crimes committed in the name of love, behind closed doors. Brighton