Clare is a London-based artist whose practice tackles the dilemmas of 21st century living – technology, consumerism, migration – and how we find compromises to navigate them. Using wood, stainless steel, bronze, concrete, resin, plastic and clay, she sites works in groups or in locations that draw gentle attention to the issue in question. Clare has completed site-specific installations in spaces such as Corbusier’s Unite d’Habitation, Brompton and Norwood Cemeteries and Bishopsgate Square. She has shown outdoor sculpture at Meadow Arts, Cheeseburn, Hannah Peschar and Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer. Solo exhibitions include Leighton House Museum, William Benington Gallery and the University of Leeds and she has shown at the RA, the National Gallery, the Jerwood Space, the RIBA and the Royal Society of Sculptors. She is elected for a second term as President of the Royal Society of Sculptors and is represented in the UK by William Benington Gallery. London