Gold helix against black background
Damien is a visual and new media artist, with experience as artist, and art in education. From 1996-2006 she worked in Arts Council England’s education department and resource development teams, moving on to become a founder member of the MediaShed where she developed her interest in free-media concepts and socially engaged practice operating outside traditional infrastructures. She has exhibited nationally and internationally as an individual and with collaborative works at Banff NMI, Gaulledet, Ars Electronica, Metal, TAP, and Focal Point Gallery. She has undertaken commissions and digital engagement projects for both temporary and permanent works for organisations including Commissions East, Firstsite, ECC, NHS, ACAVA, and Space Studios, and as a lead artist for multi-stranded programmes such as Rochford Arts Collector Series and Open Estate. Previously a Creative Partnerships practitioner, with a post-graduate qualification from the Institute of Education, she regularly designs and facilitates workshops both for age-specific and intergenerational initiatives in galleries, educational, and community settings. Essex