ARTIST ENGINEER at REVAD.COM | "A fidgeter of outcomes between signal and noise. I use signal and noise as my primary mediums. A signal stimulates an idea, noise interferes, and the enquiry generates new outcomes. In the record of my enquiry you will find a constant dialogue between digital and analogue, one informing the other, I flip and flop between the two and occasionally we meet in the middle somewhere to create something unexpected. In logic flip-flops are bistable elements, in my art digital and analogue are bi-unstable, almost as if there is a self clocking mechanism encouraging constant movement between states and exploration of the space in-between. I am almost entirely a virtual artist. That is, my outcomes are more often than not presented in virtual space. I use social media as-if a gallery. Even when I make a real-world physical component it will often be used (as a prop) to construct a virtual outcome. I rarely exhibit outcomes in the real-world. So, the place to see the fruit of my ideas is online. Having said that, all virtual outcomes have the potential to spawn a physical real-world manifestation. A select few are available via print on demand, everything else may be ordered via a commission. However, the sale of work is a minor side-effect of the need to make it, the need to explore the idea. There are many virtual spaces to explore and all are linked out from [my] artist web site. The materials used to create an outcome are chosen to be appropriate to the enquiry. An outcome may be real (a drawing, a painting, an installation) or virtual (a digital image, an animation, a blog, a web site). Outcomes often contain multiple components. Real outcomes are currently held in private collections in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Romania." REVAD 2019-01-16 Oxfordshire, England