I create empowering and accessible spaces for neurodivergent artists, mainly female and the feminine, to remove risk found in neurotypical situations. Collaboration is at the heart of my practice and I like to develop new ways of working with other artists, experimenting with sound and video to ask questions where multi media/technology & live performance meet. I am a prolific painter and most of what is featured on my website has been painted in bed. I am an Artist in Residence at Drake Music who champion disabled musicians; to devise work with their team and support their portfolio of artists. I struggle with barriers and so this is why I set up Magical Women. Our mission is to platform more ND and Survivor artists - the so called :"high functioning" but who continue to experience significant barriers to making art in the artworld. I continue to seek collaborations and we are open for more MW residents. My work has been supported and presented by organisations including Arts Council England, Live Art Development Agency, Shape Arts, Unlimited, Tate Modern, SXRXVE NYC, Disability Arts Online, The Minories Gallery Colchester, Modern Panic (James Elphick), Camden People's Theatre, Battersea Arts Centre, Unfamiliars (Gemma Abbott), Scratch hub @ BAC, Hammersmith Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith & Fulham Arts Festival, SweetVenues @ Brighton Fringe Festival, and European Investment Bank, Luxembourg. London UK