Emefa is a London based artist and jeweller who creates bold, distinctive, wearable art which reflects the beauty of the ancient, geological treasures, archaeology, and the aesthetic the passage of time creates. Her work is bold and distinctive and takes inspiration from the power in destruction, renewal, and discovery in context with time and the elemental forces of nature. A graduate of The School of Art, Architecture and Design, Emefa’s work explores the transformative power of time. She plates and layers with different metals, gold or rhodium, which allows the piece and its owner to appreciate a controlled process of erosion. Over time the metals will peel back to reveal layers of precious metal. The fascination with what lay beneath the surface of things has deep roots in her early years spent in Ghana (West Africa). As a child, the folklore of people finding gold nuggets washed up from the soil following heavy rain captivated her imagination. “I always dreamt of finding such a nugget whilst playing in the dirt, to discover something so precious in least expected places, the joy to be found by the element of surprise! These childhood memories ignited my curiosity in the invisible treasures hidden underneath our Earth . My own trigger to realise my creativity through jewellery making.” London