I'm a glass designer / maker based in Stafford. I design handmade glass items such as: homeware, jewellery and seasonal decorations.

All glass beads are handmade by a process called lampworking. It’s a technique that uses a gas fueled torch to melt different coloured glass rods. Once in a molten state, the glass is manipulated with various tools to create each unique bead.

I studied Glass at the University of Wolverhampton from 2003 to 2006 and continued my studies at the International Glass Centre in Dudley in 2007. It was here that I started making my own range of glass jewellery by lampworking. I have now been producing my work for over 3 years and have exhibited at many craft fairs around the Midlands.

Over the past year I have been developing a new range of fused work; in this I have created items such as plates, coasters, and bowls from specially selected Spectrum and Bullseye glass.

I find the inspiration for my work comes from many different places, a lot of it comes from the glass itself, I love the way the colours can be blended together when heated to create whirling patterns and textures. I’m very inspired by the ocean, when I’m making my work I try and re-create forms, patterns and spirals made by crashing waves and the movement of water. I try to source glass that best illustrates this.