I’m Jen, am a true northerner from sunny Blackpool on the northwest coast of England! I’m an artist, although I am currently in the wrong job! I didn’t start out my life wanting to be an artist, I certainly didn’t arrive out of the womb with paint brush and pencil in hand. I did do arty things as I was growing up and as a teenager I used to paint on my bedroom walls (although I think you are suppose to grow out of that by about 3) – it just never occurred to me as a career. To be honest I did have a clue what I wanted to do when I grew up (or grow up is probably more suitable), it changed every 5 minutes. It was at 19 my long windy road to being an artist began, and probably at about 25 that I decided I actually want to be an artist. As an artist I love the traditional – drawing and painting, but I would like to bring a modern twist to it, and one day feel like I have a style. I am very much still at the learning page, and I am enjoying exploring materials I haven’t really used before, like pastel and watercolour and soon will be delving into oil. In the past I have mostly been drawn to charcoal which will always be my first love and often still spend a lot of my time looking like a chimney sweep! As for my inspiration? Well that is a much bigger tale.... Blackpool