In 99-02 Joe Studied Furniture and Product Design at Ravensborne College of Design and communication. He developed an interest in the creative process and developed a conceptual approach starting to create ideas for furniture and products that he called symbolic functionality. Winning awards for his future toilet design and Mitosis chair. In 07-09 Joe Studied Furniture Design at Buckinghamshire University. He took more of an interest in environmental and ethical issues and started working more in solid timber. He set up a company called Earthome and has been designing, making and selling furniture, gifts and artwork since. He has always had a great drive for fairness and equality in society and he has transitioned into sculpture as a medium to express more of these thoughts in his creative work. His work refers to topics including the environment, politics, culture and religion. His most recent artworks express his deep disappointment with the current wave in society towards ignorance and intolerance and the rise in political populism since the financial crisis. COLCHESTER