Juliet Scott is an artist and social scientist interweaving her practice between the disciplines through her studio research; organisational curation projects and the creation of dynamic learning environments. As an artist she is interested in the way objects and artefacts can reveal and give insight into social phenomena and how people relate to each other. She mainly explores this through still life drawing and experimenting with material techniques such as encaustic; metal point and monotype printmaking. When Juliet joined the Tavistock Institute in 2006 she began to make a connection between her interest in objects and the Institute’s ongoing work with groups in understanding group relations, organisations and social systems. This led to the in-depth study of these phenomena through an MSc in Organisational Development: a gestalt, systems and complexity perspective which both broadened her disciplinary approach and supported her in reconnecting her own internal splits between art and science. Her practice is formed of her work as artist in residence at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and organisational curation projects and programmes which incorporate psychoanalysis; organisational aesthetics; anthropology; group processes; use of self; organisational ecosystems; systems psychodynamics; spirituality and the environment. www.julietscott.co.uk London