Pablo Colella. Arts audience engagement. Arts marketing consultant. UK arts marketing consultant. Audience engagement consultant. Art grants support.
With 12 years' experience specialising in the engagement and development of arts audiences I collaborate with artists to widen reach, create impact and gain audience recognition. My expertise can support the growth of current and new potential audiences, anticipating their preferences and barriers to participation. My passion lies in working with niche and innovative people and projects to develop more relevant audience engagement strategies and in turn enabling more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant arts experiences. UK Ambassador for the Artist Run Alliance. Arts Audience Advisor for Creative United Featured Service Provider with the Arts Marketing Association ​ Accredited arts audience research - ​ Arts Audiences: Establishing Opportunities for Engagement An Experimental Investigation of how Digital Engagement Can Deepen and Democratize Artistic Exchange with Audiences Audience Development: A Focus on Widening Participation London