I am an artist who explores the effect our personal histories can have upon our present lives. I have explored this through interviews with people on trains, churches, schools and youth clubs. For example, in Guildford Cathedral I created an installation where I interviewed the guides and vergers about their experience of travelling in aeroplanes. The recorded stories that emerged were poetic descriptions that formed the soundtrack to my video installation featuring images of local gymnasts diving through the air. I have worked as artist in residence at De La Warr Pavilion, where I interviewed visitors to the Secret Service exhibition about how they used to ‘play’ as children. The footage was shown in the gallery space during the exhibition in June 2007. I also gave tours of the exhibition, which examined outsider art through the work of 15 international artists. Recently I have begun to look at my own history and how my ancestors have affected me. This began with my performance Waiting, which I did when eight months pregnant to a selected audience of female artists.

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