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Research Leadership

The Artist as Leader Research Report

Detailed academic report demonstrating empirical research and methodology used to research the notion of the artist as leader. Provides the evidential background to the “Leading through Practice” papers.

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Research Cultural value

Creating an impact: Liverpool’s experience as European Capital of Culture

Impacts 08 was a joint research initiative of the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, which from 2005-2010 evaluated the social, cultural, economic and environmental effects of Liverpool’s hosting the European Capital of Culture title in 2008.

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Research Education

Born creative

In a series of essays, Born Creative brings together the experiences of creative practices in early years education. Intended to show the importance of cultures, environments and networks in the enrichment of early years learning.

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Research Participation

Culture shock

Joint Demos and CASE (Culture and Sport Evidence Programme) fellowship essay examining evidence in relation to public participation in culture and sport. Addresses the question: why should the state get involved in culture, and if it should, how?

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