Based on a survey of arts organisations which returned 459 completed responses. Suggests there is clear evidence of an ever-shifting revenue mix in the arts, away from statutory sources to a more mixed model of revenue generation. However any step-back into global recession could push arts organisations and those working in them “over the edge.” ACE is perceived as continuing to have a vital role in representing the arts to central government, as well as in brokering relationships between the arts and other sectors, alongside the promotion of private giving to the arts. 24% of respondents expect growth in earnings from sponsorships, half of which anticipate growth in excess of 10%. 23% of respondents expect a growth in funds from philanthropic gifts and grants, with more than half of those anticipating growth in excess of 10%. On corporate membership programmes, around a fifth of respondents anticipate growth in revenues, with half of that number anticipating growth in excess of 10%.

John Nicholl
Arts Quarter
February 2016
Revenue generation in the arts: 2015/2016