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Swan Turton
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Licensing reproductions

This checklist by Sheena Etches and Nicholas Sharp is a tool to help understand the purpose and content of a reproduction licence.

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Residencies in business

Lucy Kimbell outlines some issues that can arise from residencies in business settings and should be resolved in advance.

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As a UK artist you automatically hold copyright in your original works of art. This guide introduces the basic concepts of copyright law and offers practical advice on protecting your work against possible infringement.

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Safe working practice

Whilst safe working practice is largely a matter of common sense, it is also a legal and professional issue. This guide by David Pope introduces the key legislation and offers practical advice on risk assessment.

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Marice Cumber introduces key marketing concepts for artists and offers advice to help target your marketing effectively.

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Setting up an event

A guide by Paul Stone on how to successfully plan, develop, manage and promote an artist-led event.

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