University of Lincoln
East Midlands

Entering Greestone Gallery for Mobius, you are immediately confronted by Charlotte Moore’s unique fashion/fine art creation “Iron Maiden”; a silvery aluminium and forged iron prom style dress displayed on a mannequin, with the additional features of various kitchen utensils, mainly cutlery, attached in the manner suggestive that ownership of this dress belongs to Edward Scissorhand’s sister.

Obviously referring to a medieval torture device, Moore’s “Iron Maiden” addresses the torturous notions of female domesticity in a visually arresting spectacle.

Leo Underwood’s exploration into taxidermy and anthropomorphism, “Morning Mr. Magpie” made specific use of the old Victorian Hogwarts style staircase leading from the main gallery to the spaces above, his embalmed bird having been positioned upon a crack in the leaded window, with “bird droppings” tracing its doomed flight path, and reflecting a series of paint splattered paintings in the gallery space below.

After seeing Leo’s “Morning Mr. Magpie”, and then leaving the faculty via Tithe Barn and Greestone Stairs up to the Cathedral, the R.S.P.B. were there with their falcon chick cam showing the residents of the higher echelons of Lincoln Cathedral.

There were some striking pieces, including Hannah Burrough’s Jan Svankmayer/Brothers Quay style animated animal puppet, questioning our human relationship to animals, and Ruby Patel’s bedouin tent like “Souk” installation.

Helen Dearnley


Helen Dearnley graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2008, BA (hons) Fine Art and illustration.

Helen documents her post graduate transition to establish a working practice as both a fine artist and an illustrator, and also the Lincoln Artist’s Network in her blog