Fruitmarket Gallery

I went to see the Claire Barclay exhibition in the Fruitmarket Gallery and really liked it. I'd encourage anyone in the area to go and see the show. Some really bold and exciting work. However, when I was there I became aware that there was something else going on, a sort of happening I suppose. There was a woman walking around the gallery but she seemed more interested in the visitors than the actual exhibition. It seemed a bit odd and made me feel a little uncomfortable until I noticed that there was someone else discretely filming her. She would target an individual and then find some excuse to approach them and make conversation with them. I found out later that it was an artist called Yanna Kubic who has apparently done the same thing in a few other galleries including the 'baltic'. My partner spoke to the covert cameramanwho told him thatshe was putting together the footage for a show sometime in the summer but that no dates had been settled. It was quite a curious experience watching her going about her work because, although it was contrived, for the participants it seemed so natural. Its worth going to see for yourselves anyway.