Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery Buckhurst Lane Sevenoaks TN13 1LQ
South East England



An open submission with no selection.

54 Artists submitted work.

43 women 8 men.

Seventy one works are shown.

Colour line drawing marking photographing sculpting etching drypoint collage steel ceramic oil paint acrylic stainless steel hand made paper pigment cotton canvas linen canvas mountboard aquatint gesso calico oak silk board graphite nails fishing line larch cones paper clips dye embroidery floss bubblewrap gall ink resin galls Japanese paper mild steel bronze cast-iron concrete wire sharpie porcelain crystals thread glass…..…… drawn painted welded printed assembled sewn glued cast dyed stencilled stretched hung nailed stitched marked….

blueness redness greenness greyness hardness roughness  softness sharpness sadness.

mystery morality mundanity spirituality activity uncertainty loss; thinking made into things

What can be said?  What can be found?

Image, picture, suspicion, hunch, recognition, empathy, sympathy,  misunderstanding, pastiche, nostalgia,  …..resonate.

Aesthetic response?


What is that? What is it OF? What does it represent? Why? Why should it? Accurate succinct obscure I like it. Do I like it? Should I like it? How do I feel? What does it MEAN? Those nails that compass that feather that pea that TITLE?

What’s in a name?

Be with it.

Do I not like it?

What is this liking?

What is the experience?

What am I feeling?

Eyes rummage with fingertips,

Validate, confirm, disturb.



Have I learned? Am I different? Have I changed?

This I believe? I am confirmed? I am consoled? A mind made up?


We are what we do?

We are what we make?

Prodding caressing puzzling peering watching waiting whispering and shouting….

Hoping wishing laughing crying sighing…….relief…

The odd regret…

An unending business of making sense.

New beginnings.

And being.

And then there are frames.

What’s in a frame?


Alison Berry Christine Highland Alison Westcott Amanda Hopkins  Carole Robson  Andrea Coltman Angela Carol Stocker Ann Bridges  Anne Fontenoy  Bill Hall Caroline Gould  Christa Corner Christina France Colin Anderson  David Minton  Ruth Dent Derek Medhurst  Diana Poliak Donald Smith  Rosalind Barker Eddie van der Werf Melissa Hill Franny Swann  Frederique Jones Gilly Lovegrove Ginny Legg  Jackie Gwyther  Jane Sandoe  Jane Tyler  Jennifer Blackwell Jill Goldsworthy  Jocelyn Bailey  Julian Rowe  Juliet Simpson  Kate Hasted  Louisa Crispin  Louise Sunnucks  Margaret Barrett  Margaret Devitt  Maria Turner  Marilyn Kyle Niki Campbell  Peps Barkhan Richard Heys Rose Bridgland Colbridge  Venetia Nevill Rozenn Gladwell Ryan Poliak  Sarah Victoria Spence  Sonia Griffin  Sue Evans  Sue Vass  Susanne Beard Victoria Granville Baxter