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2014 – How was it for you? #10: Jeanie Scott

In the final instalment of our ten-part end-of-year series, a-n’s new director – who took over in September following a three-month handover period – looks back over the last 12 months and looks forward to doing more for artists in 2015.

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Testing, Testing…1….2….3

I’ve had a bit of blog down time, due to technical issues – all to do with having blogs under different email addresses apparently. This is a sort of test post to see whether it is working. I know that […]

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WE FEAR CHANGE: our new blog platform

  WE FEAR CHANGE I don’t know whether a-n considered the emotional effects of changing the blog platform. In the first instance, as a habitual, some might say addictive blogger, the down time was excruciating. I wrote anyway, storing up […]

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