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sustainability art prize

As the technologies grow within our culture the more they appear within our social participations. The use of lighting effects in entertainment arenas is commonplace and goes perhaps unnoticed as to the amount used to heighten the effects of the […]

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Searching for Connections in Abstract Imagery

In the studio searching for connections in abstract imagery… As I investigate the contemporary approach to drawing, I am searching for connections in the abstract imagery created through my drawing processes. In order to ‘make sense’/find significance in these marks on […]

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DRAWING TIPS: How to Prevent Calluses!

A low cost way  to prevent calluses in under 60 seconds! Lots of drawing can cause painful hard skin on your hands where the pencil rests and rubs the finger. Here is a quick and easy way to prevent calluses on […]

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Sand of Time

Currently working on the theme of memory with a few paintings in particular. At this stage I am combining ‘found objects’ to use the artistic convention, with a base layer of texture provided by sand.  The objects are a combination […]

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Hofmann’s critical thinking

forgot to add another little gem from yesterday’s reading, I find Hofmann very inspiring for my practice and for my dissertation. “Colour has in itself a sovereign function on the basis of its light no sub-intrinsic qualities. Colour itself is […]

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critical thinking

I thought i would add the most interesting find on my dissertation research of the day. The topic of my dissertation is based on the history of colour and how it effects modern art. i have been researching the study […]

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My art journey

This blog shows my journey in painting and art.

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Bits and bobs I like

This collection of articles shows my interests which reflect my personal practice. My work can be viewed on saatchi art. 

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overnight improvements

after the disappointing finish to yesterday i’ve been so pleased today with the improvements made. i’m currently working on two opportunities.  my frustation yesterday was with one of these. after an overnight reflection, the work is feeling much better today. […]

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