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Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations

A new, boundary transcending programme where the arts and social sciences weave together as participants explore their whole selves.

We are inviting applications for 2021-22


Reflections on a year-and-a-half in cryptoart

It has been an honor to exhibit at CADAF this year. Thank you to the curators for having me. I wrote this piece to reflect on what this exhibition means to me and on the trajectory  of  my work over […]

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The Six Shot Gallery

The Six Shot Gallery is a new online gallery featuring monthly solo showcases, launched January 2021. The online gallery will focus on a different artist every calendar month. Each exhibition will showcase just six images by each artist, or creative entity. […]

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Revolve:R, edition four

This is an invitation to early and mid-career artists, poets, filmmakers, and musicians to collaborate and connect with a collective of artists from around the world through a year-long exchange of works and an ongoing conversation.