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alternative methods of curating exhibitions

Hi can anyone suggest to me any examples of exhibitions of art and artefact that were selected in a non-traditional way; such as how Grayson Perry selected objects for the tomb of the unknown craftsman?

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Alternative Art Education Articles

This is a collection of articles talking about possible alternatives to the traditional Art College route in to being a professional artist.  Collected from the A.N site.  Also about Artist lead initiatives and Education ideas generally.

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a very quick reflection

my dream of the residency remains a dream.  within my disappointment there’s a small space of confusion.  taking the project further within a grants for the arts has been suggested instead. i seem to be on a roll with supportive […]

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The realm of sustainability.

“Sustainability has got capacity to adopt its meaning to the prevailing conditions.  It is not a rigid system of rules, not a precept which tells us what to do in any possible situation. Ultimately, what it does is to give […]

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