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Remnants of ‘A Woman’s Place’

A Woman’s Place (semiotics of the domestic) became a celebration of a female presence among International artists to form dialogues and expand practices employing collaborative exchanges. The performance became an enduring display of women surrounded and embracing metal (iron) and object […]

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Abstract expressionism: a phenomenon, not a movement

The just-opened ‘Abstract Expressionism’ exhibition at the Royal Academy chronicles a key moment in 20th century art, presenting some of the period’s most iconic works. Fisun Güner reflects on the significance of this last great age of the artist as hero and tortured genius.

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Niche Distribution, repackaging artworks.

Or the Little show that could. I have learnt something so it might be of interest to other artists. ‘Undercover Flipbooks’. This was a show in Darlington library where I commissioned 12 artists to create flip animations in a  book […]

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