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Mapping what a guide for artist parents could be: workshop as part of Assembly Bristol, June 2017. Photo: Rich Broomhall
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Top tips for artist parents

A motivational list of practical ‘to-dos’: artist parents share their top tips and ‘survival’ strategies on raising children whilst maintaining and developing an art practice.

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It Takes a Village: Models for Mother Artists event at Atelier Stroud, 23 April 2017, from 'Mother House' session with Dyana Gravina and Amy Dignam from ProCreate project. Photo: the Women's Art Activation System (WAAS)
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Models for mother artists: how to maintain your practice as a parent

Being a mother of young children and continuing your art practice is incredibly difficult. Inspired by a recent symposium exploring the challenges of being a ‘mother artist’, Frances Bossom – who presents a ‘Proposal for a Guide for Art Parents’ at June’s a-n Assembly event in Bristol – calls for an approach that values the complex reality of motherhood.

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Making Time for Artist Talks

Over the past couple of months I have serendipitously stumbled upon a couple of artist talks while visiting galleries. They have reminded me how important such events are for my own artistic development. Reading is great, but there is definitely […]

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Self-directed MA

For the past year I have been working to push my practice and develop as an artist. I have been jokingly calling this period a self-directed MA. I am currently undertaking a residency at Ruthin Craft Centre. This project is supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

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