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Artists’ Books #3: Proviso by Nancy Campbell

Artist and poet Nancy Campbell explores the disappearing languages and environments of the Arctic in her latest limited edition work, which launches later this week at a book fair in London. Sarah Bodman tells the story behind Proviso.

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Waiting and Drawing – The Self Portrait Book

        This book forms part of my long-term project ‘Waiting and Drawing’. This began life when I would spend many frustrating minutes waiting for the computer to load. Now that I have fancy Windows 7, I no […]

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Week 77: 3rd – 9th March

The first weekend in March is usually reserved for the International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair here in Leeds and this year was no exception. However, unlike previous years when it was held in Parkinson Court at the University of Leeds, […]

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Week 76: 24th February – 2nd March

The relationship between vitrines and institutional critique has inspired my latest collaborative project, ‘The Imaginary Museum’, a direct reference to the Andre Malraux publication ‘Museum without Walls’ (discussed in week 60). Under the auspices of the Artist Book Collective, I […]

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Bookish commission

Emily Speed – already well known for her Artists talking blog ‘Getting paid’ and her regular reports for a-n Magazine – added curatorship of an artists’ books project to her portfolio of skills last month, through a commission from a-n.

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Helen Knowles

Helen Knowles, who featured in a-n’s Degree show supplement 98 publication, reviews her progress over the past decade and discusses her current practice.

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Sarah Bodman explores a selection of recent limited edition works that show a fluid crossover between artists’ books and multiples.

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Images from Coldcoffeex, issues 2+5
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Clark Dawson met the Glasgow-based creators of this artists’ book to find out the intentions behind it.

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