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The magic within a craft.

Recently I have been working on a piece that has consumed so much time and has been so labour intensive that every time I thought I had finished, the doubt flooded back like acid rain eroding a sandstone statue. The […]

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The art of protest and craft-cultivated connections

Effective protesting for activist Sarah Corbett: pretty, non-threatening scenarios – picnics and cupcakes, or handkerchiefs embroidered with the truth – to engage and draw people in, allowing the conversation to begin. Craft: invaluable tool to bring people together, encourage them […]

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“I just want to make the work”

  AUDIOBLOG – Please click here I have on top of the cupboard in my studio an old grubby padded bra. I have stuck glass-headed pins into it in a floral pattern on the outside, as if beaded. The points […]

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What is Steampunk and what does it have to do with Leather work?

How did I get into the craft of Leather work? Well that journey started when my family and I were watching the first series of The Great British Sewing Bee, April 2013. There was a rather interesting fellow, who didn’t […]

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