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Crowdfunding the arts: why it’s about much more than money

As crowdfunding is increasingly adopted by large arts organisations as a fast-track alternative to dwindling public funding, Henrietta Norton – co-founder of the early crowdfunding site WeDidThis – argues that the spirit of risk taking and innovation that inspired early adopters needs to be embraced by these high-profile newcomers.

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crowdfunding launched

Have you seen the crowdfunding campaign yet? We need your support to help get this Festival on the road again this year. New artists, new min-events, new venues in Amber Valley derbyshire and NW Leicestershire. Great rewards available: tote bags […]

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Today we launch our free A-Z manual

Today Kollektiv Gallery give away their business model, by launching free A-Z manual for crowdfunding creative projects and opening pop-up galleries.

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Chelsea – (kind of) tick.

I’ve enrolled!! A friend lent me some money (0% interest) to start the course, and now I am trying to raise the rest of the 1st year fees in a tiny bit over 2 weeks time – the grace period […]

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Art Licks – tick.

My Art Licks: It’s been a busy time this past month, with singing rehearsals for Deptford X, daily secondary school viewings for next year – finding the ‘right’ fit for the next 7 years of her life is a big […]

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An artist-led adventure: memories, markers and a walk in the desert

Sovay Berriman’s latest, self-funded project will take her to Mongolia and Australia searching for ‘markers and boundaries of experience’ in desert landscapes, and researching the correlation between those landscapes and the narratives of the people that inhabit them. We spoke to the artist as she prepared for the first leg of her journey.

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