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Life Boat

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    APT Gallery
  • From:
    March 28, 2024
  • To:
    April 07, 2024
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More things are possible than you might think

  We three made work as one The tensions (often good) of being separate yet merged We noticed for each other things we might not notice ourselves We noticed each other noticing It made us feel like better artists We […]

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lie lie lie

  lie lie lie | 2016 | 24-page publication | Photo: Susie David Words by Susie David lie lie lie is the artists’ book that arose from this experimental collaboration with fellow artists Megan Calver and Gabby Hoad, and Dawlish Warren National Nature […]

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fall fool

Written by Susie David Here we are at high tide, high summer on Dawlish Warren. One side of the spit is opaque jade sea, boisterous with high waves and high winds looking mischievous …dangerous even.  A few people standing on the […]

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