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Changing landscape

This is probably my final post for this project – it seems a bit weird amidst all that is going on. However, my plan was to share some final images and thoughts on my installation in ‘Fool’s Gold’, my two […]

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There is under one week until Pamela Schilderman and I install our new work for ‘Fool’s Gold’, a two person exhibition at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum with associated events in Rugby and London. I am thinking about how my […]

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Being with nature

Originally my plan for my piece ‘Winter Blues’ was to use branches from ‘real’ Christmas pine or needle trees that are discarded along pavements in January – an act I find disturbing. This year I have been working with discarded […]

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ugly sticks

‘Quadrats’ will be one of the three new bodies of works I am making for ‘Fool’s Gold’. The square structures will be formed from discarded ‘sticks’. From the the streets I have collected abandoned mop poles, rusty poles, brass poles, […]

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Pamela Schilderman and I have been awarded Arts Council England funding for our exhibition ‘Fool’s Gold’, opening in January 2020 (January 25th – 14th March) at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum. The project, which takes place in Rugby, London, and online, will […]

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Fool’s gold and where to find it

A space for my ideas towards ‘Fool’s Gold,’ an Art’s Council Funded two-person show at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum – if all that was left of humanity was the things we made, what would be our legacy?

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