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We are not surprised: open letter on sexual harassment in the art world

In response to recent allegations of sexual harassment within the art world and the resignation of Artforum co-publisher Knight Landesman, an open letter has been published by ‘art world workers’ calling for an end to silence around the issue and a renewed effort by individuals and institutions to deal with what it describes as ‘an environment of acceptance and complicity’. Here, we republish the letter in full.

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Women in the visual arts: “Leadership is not a gender neutral space”

With recent high-profile appointments of women in the visual arts, from Frances Morris as the new director of Tate Modern to Sarah Munro at Baltic, gender equality and the underrepresentation of female artists in the UK’s major art galleries has been put in the spotlight. Dany Louise speaks to female gallery directors who are making sure that the issue gets the attention it deserves.

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Gender and the Gods

My work throughout this year has been connected to the power of the moon, in particular looking at feminist issues relating to the representation of the moon as goddesses, and her role in gender equality through time. The moon symbolizes […]

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