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a pen is for drawing

i reflected over night about something i wrote yesterday.  the overall form for an stallation that i am currently programming the guts of the idea.  it’s connected to adding to the chaos, after what collings said back in september about […]

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Failed Blogger and upcoming exhibitions

So I have been rubbish with blogging this December.  Yes I have been unbearably busy but I think if I was a “blogger” then I would have found the time time in my schedule, home educating and parenting time to […]

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My MA revolves around what it is to be human and in particular, my very personal relationship to illness, disability and invisibility.

We were asked to detail our thoughts and ideas about our work in a blog to be validated by our tutors….so I did

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Sorting stuff out

I was going to try to write more regular posts, but as it turns out, I can only do that if I have loads of time to spare…   and if I do have the time, then I probably wouldn’t have […]

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