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Nothing New

“Because libraries have always been a part of any civilization they are not negotiable. They are part of our inheritance.” Pat Hunter quoted in Ali Smith, “Public Library and Other Stories”

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Old Ground

Earlier this year I went back to Hungary. I haven’t been for many years but every visit I make the pilgrimage to my Grandmothers apartment, the ancestral home as it were.  When I was a child, we’d go visit every […]

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Heavy With Sleep

In his later years, my father had a woman, Timéa (Timi) who came to help with the cooking and cleaning. After he died and I took on the house I decided that it made sense for her to keep coming. […]

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Asleep Somewhere
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A Death in the Family

This blog looks at the reoccurring themes that manifest in and influence my work considering where they might come from.

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Seeing Things

In 2010 I was invited to participate in a small group show with artists Melanie Stidolph ( and Richard Paul ( called Pareidolia. This is a phenomenon that describes the human mind’s tendency to perceive recognizable shapes and images in […]

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