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Realising the value

An abridged version of Dany Louise’s follow-up report on small visual arts organisations cut by Arts Council England, six months after her ‘Ladders for development’ enquiry. She asks: how have these organisations fared and what do their futures hold? Read the full version of this report with updates on all surveyed organisations:

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Museum of Liverpool
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Capital investment

New high profile museums and galleries have opened across the UK, but how can they best contribute to the local arts and culture, asks Emily Speed.

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Small is essential

New ways are needed to measure the types of value being delivered by small visual arts organisations, according to a new report looking at the role and value of the small-scale visual arts sector within the wider arts ecology.

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Editorial – 2011 July

In this issue we continue to get a glimpse of how the visual and applied arts are developing new approaches in a harsher climate.

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