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Themes Running Through My Recent Work

I make paintings that reference pictorial qualities associated with landscapes and sometimes portraits, but with no conscious intension to do so. They all seem like simplified versions of something else, or partially covered versions. I’m interested in surface tension, build […]

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Charcoal, Emulsion and Watercolour on Canvas 59 x 90 x 4.5 March 2015   The title refers to a variety of meanings. In one sense it refers to the notion of covering up, hiding or closing something. I also like […]

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Small tracks

The Motte and Bailey Castle, Castle Hill, Nether Stowey dates back to 12th century and disappeared around the 16th century. Used mostly today for dog walkers and ramblers to walk around and scramble over. Sheep sometime graze there. There are […]

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Walks and Tracks

Images and observations whilst walking in the countryside.

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A Fold in the river book cover

A Fold in the River

A book of poetry and image, by myself and poet Philip Gross. The result of 2 years immersion in the landscape walking the rivers Taff and Frome, which produced a subtle and provocative book, questioning ways of seeing and collaboration.

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Burra Beach

The bleak and startling beauty of the Shetland Isles. We look forward to returning in the summer…

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Da Gadderie

The gallery space at Shetland Museum. Our plan is to dim the lighting; install ceramic tiled panels on the walls (with spotlights to highlight them) alongside a multi-speaker sound installation, recorded in the surrounding areas. An audio-visual evocation of landscape […]

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    September 20, 2014
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    October 12, 2014
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